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“Your book is so good I bought another copy to give to my son. I have recommended it to my friends as well."

Winnie Anderson Brown—Teacher

Hi, I’m Alvin Day:

It took two years to write this little book, but in one six-hour plane ride, Doneth Brown-Reid read it all the way through. Why? It is written in language appropriate for eighth graders level, but reveals deep profound concepts that engage your mind, grab you in the belly and lift your spirit.

Its power crosses cultures and age groups. One 61 year old American woman in Fort Lauderdale just about fell in love with the author after reading the book, and yet, Ethnie Clarke, a twenty-something Jamaican woman, had this to say:

Text Box: “ My nine year old daughter and I read the book together and for her, it was ‘unputdownable.’”
—Ethnie Clarke, MBA Student

This May Be the Single Most Important Book You Read All Year, or it May Not Be For You At All.

Here is how you can tell…This book is not for you if the following five things are true…

1.   You are completely satisfied with your accomplishments and couldn’t imagine wanting to have more or become more;

2.   You are operating at your peak continually and achieving your greatest potential in life;

3.   The problems and failures of your past never bother you in the present…you are at peace with God and man and you are passionately moving toward the future;

4.   You have both the time and the money to enjoy a full life of freedom; and,

5.   You are clear about your life purpose and successfully walk in it every day.

But Who Is Alvin Day, and Why Would You Want to Listen to Him?

Hi, I’m Alvin Day; I am privileged to be a successful personal empowerment coach, a best-selling author, and a management consultant to huge multi-national and Fortune 500 companies like Pepsi, Colgate, Campbell’s Soup, Valvoline, and NBC/ Universal Studios.


But I didn’t start out privileged. I was born a poor, barefoot boy who ran around on the beaches of Jamaica with just a dream. For the first 20 years of my life my family didn’t have electricity, running water, inside toilets or other basic necessities.

And yet, today, I find myself working with small business entrepreneurs, managers and corporate executives across the USA, Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe and the Caribbean.

In between a life of poverty and insignificance to one of leadership and influence is a pathway that anyone can follow. All that I have suffered, achieved and learned has bought me to this moment in my life where I am equipped with the strategies, principles and techniques to help you do more, earn more and become more.

If you are open to accepting insights from someone who has walked in your shoes, knows the pathway from ordinary to extraordinary living, and has the skills and experience to help you, then I am be happy to be of service. And the most efficient way to do so is by…

Introducing…If Caterpillars Can Fly ~ So Can I

Welcome to a game changing masterpiece about human transformation. This book has led to changes in people’s thinking, attitudes and rewards…changes so dramatic that they can best be compared to the metamorphosis that happens to the lowly caterpillar when it sprouts wings and learns to fly.

And figuratively, this book shows you how to fly…to soar, get to the next level in your life, excel, succeed at higher levels than you have experienced before, take the high ground and leave petty problems beneath you…in short, this book gives you the thinking and the steps to sprout your own wings and take off.

Text Box: Promotion & Raise in 30 Days! “After reading your book, If Caterpillars Can Fly …, in one month I went from being just a mere Director to being a Presidential Director in my organization. I just followed the principles, and it propelled me to make more money than I ever made!”
—Yvonne Virtue, Business Woman, Ft. Lauderdale




If Caterpillars Can Fly ~ So Can I has already impacted the lives of countless people around the world. And yet, you may never have heard of it. Why? It is not in the traditional book stores. Multiplied thousands of people have bought this book directly from my company…the only way you can get a copy.

Achieving the good life is simpler than many people think. Like the caterpillar, born with all the genetic material needed to be a butterfly, you too were born to fly—to soar and excel—regardless of present circumstances. How?

If Caterpillars Can Fly -- So Can I will help you discover how easy it is to:

  • Awake every day with passion and hunger to pursue your dreams;
  • Discover the purpose for which you were born and live up to it;
  • Attract wealth with wisdom and contentment;
  • Convert your hidden potential to actual performance that brings rewards;
  • Triumph over adversity and problems;
  • Never again depend on good luck or fear bad luck.

Text Box: Moved me to Launch My Business: “Before I read Alvin Day’s book If Caterpillar Can Fly So Can I, my life was vague. I could not see beyond my nose, I was miserable. I had plans but could not put them into action…After reading the first chapter, I began to have a different outlook on life. After applying the law of vision, I could not believe the effect that visualizing is actually having. Before I actually finished reading the book, I was making plans to do my own small business. And then, before you knew it, I am doing my own small business.”
—Desrene Barnes, Ex-Employee Entrepreneur

If Caterpillars Can Fly So Can I, shows you clearly how to break the chains that are holding you back from living up to your full potential.

If You’ve Heard Enough,
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A Sneak Peek Inside: Here are some of the breakthroughs you'll notice in your personal life when you begin to read If Caterpillars Can Fly ~ So Can I. Apply any one of these breakthroughs, the results will significantly exceed the price of the book. Breakthrough examples:

·         The step-by-step easy to follow 30 day plan to break self destructive habits and create a new, more desirable reality—Page 47


·         The 3 things you can do right now to attract the right people into your life—Page 56


·         How to equip yourself with the music that makes you money and gives you power—Page 63


·         The easy to follow 6-Step exercise for achieving the biggest dreams of your life—Page 4


·         Three revealing questions that will help you discover your life purpose and walk in it—Page 130

This Exciting Book Contains the 7 Laws of Nature That Can Make You Even Greater Than You Are Today

The Law of vision: What You See Is What You Get.

The extraordinary ability to create a clear VISION of the future and move toward it… the secret of how to shape one’s future reality to achieve goals, dreams and aspirations.


The law of word: The Basic Raw Material Of Life Is WORD, In All Its Forms, Thought, Spoken And Written.

The power of using WORDS to reshape your world, to pre-define future outcome, conquer adversities and break self-destructive habits.


The Law of ENERgy: Human Life Is Sheer Energy that must Be Generated, Maintained and Regenerated in Order to Live.

How to identify and maintain the personal ENERGY for pursuing excellence in all aspects of your life – physical, mental and spiritual energies without which your dreams must fall prey to human fatigue.


The law of good and evil: Goodness Is Omnipresent, Even In Pain And Suffering. (Evil—in the generic sense of adversity & suffering)

How to utilize the topsy-turvy principle of GOOD & EVIL that indicates: the good we seek is often hidden in “bad” or undesirable circumstances of pain. You learn how to endure present pain in order to achieve future triumph. Like the athlete whose hard discipline produces gold medals and accolades, you gain the secrets of winning.


Can You Honestly Say You Don't Need Any of this Information?

And there's more:

THE LAW OF ABUNDANCE: The Sky is Overflowing.

This is a shift of mind and being that empowers a person to operate in ABUNDANCE, not limited by a sense of scarcity. Your imagination will be opened to the freedom of giant ideas, hopes and aspirations. Abundance reduces the need to “play politics,” grab, or step on other people in order to find personal success.


The Law of Uniqueness: No Two Are Equal.


You become keenly aware of your individual UNIQUENESS in gifts, talents and personal traits and how to use them to pursue your life purpose and serve others for maximum fulfillment and satisfaction.


The Law of contribution: Contribution Is the Basis for Rewards


The secret is revealed for how to earn greater income, promotions and recognition. You will understand the value of personal CONTRIBUTON and how to enhance it for your own betterment and that of your business.


Yours for a Fraction of its True Value…

These 7 insider secrets plus the bonus offers are yours for a tiny fraction what it would cost to obtain this valuable information any other way. This powerful manuscript is a definite must-read if you are serious about making rapid transformation in your life. Apply its strategies and philosophies to your life and business to fulfill your objectives for growth, accomplishments and rewards.

Text Box

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Text Box

Text Box: World Famous Author: “Read this remarkable story of how heeding and applying life’s seven natural laws can lead you to success and fulfillment.”
	—Dr. Ken Blanchard, Co-author: The One Minute Manager®

Text Box: Business Woman Loves the Style: “This book is beautifully written.  You have ingeniously allowed the reader inside your personal thoughts and memories.  In doing that, you have automatically gained credibility with the reader from page one!  I appreciate your candidness and honesty throughout.  Your words make the reader's mind work and it enables their thoughts to churn and cultivate into positive action! This book will be a huge success!! BRAVO!  Your thoughts and insights hit all the way home.”                                                                
Nicole Ashbrock, Enterprise Car Rentals

Text Box: Fortune 500 Company President: “If you hunger for more out of life, if you have dreams that you have not yet fulfilled, this book is a must-read.” 
—Sam Mitchell, President: The Valvoline Company

How Do You Get Your Own, Personal Copy of If Caterpillars Can Fly ~ So Can I?

How much would you pay for this small, easy to read book if you knew it could help you achieve your dreams, hopes and ambitions?

Text Box: Helped me Achieve my Dream: “Your talk… inspired a program called Arise which is aired on Love FM Radio…every Saturday morning. Thank you and may you continue to inspire others … throughout the world…God bless you.”
—Valerie Hucey, GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals




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Act Immediately and Receive the Following: Bonuses. . .

Bonus #1: Special Report—Ask and You Shall Receive. This is a deep, insightful work about how humans make decisions and how to get people to say YES to you, even when they would otherwise say NO. It is so powerful, it comes with a warning: DO NOT use it and manipulate others. Masters in selling and marketing understand its principles, but it applies equally well to asking friends, family and others to do what you want. Imagine getting YES more often... This $27.00 value is yours free when you request a copy of the book, If Caterpillars Can Fly ~ So Can I


Bonus #2: Audio Program—How to Be Immune to Stress. Learn how to be a go-getter, high achiever and still immune to the deadly effects of stress. Get the simple algebraic formula that breaks stress down into simple manageable parts so that you can control and avoid its effects. This multi-part program is valued at $21 and it is yours free, with your request for a copy of If Caterpillars Can Fly ~ So Can I.

One more important thing to remember…

You Can’t Lose With Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee

I want you to be completely satisfied with everything you receive from me. So here's what I'm offering you…


Read the book. Apply it. Test it for up to 3 months. Use it to the max. Then, if you’re not thrilled with your results, simply return it, and I’ll send you a prompt and courteous, no hassles, 100% refund. You even get to keep the bonuses at no extra charge.

Remember you receive a copy of 'If Caterpillars Can Fly So Can I” for just $19.97. You review it for a full 90 days studying and using the 7 strategies and the Bonus offers.

Discover for yourself how beneficial and success generating this information is to your life and career or business.

Get Your Copy NOW and start benefiting from this amazing information today.

I wish you all the success in the world.

Alvin Day

PS. You don’t have to wait a minute. Immediately after submitting your request, you will be taken to a webpage where you will have access to the bonus items mentioned above. Begin to experience the transforming power right now!

PPS. One Final Thing… Wouldn’t you definitely request a copy if it could generate this kind of get-up-and-go power for you or that friend or family member who really needs it? Read this story…

Text Box: Made me Go Back to College:  Richard Griffiths was concerned about his friend, John—(not his real name) who had rebelled against his parents and dropped out of university. During the summer, Richard gave his friend a copy of If Caterpillars Can Fly ~ So Can I and told him he needed to read it. John did, and as a result, re-matriculated into Harvard that September. His parents were elated.
—“John” Ex-Harvard University Dropout


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